Raphael Abrams




Electrical Engineering:

Circuit design, microcontroller programming, electromechanical design

programming in BASIC, C,  AVR and microchip PIC assembly



Lighting, audio, robotics, toy, entertainment,

internet (graphics and code), and art applications including:




Two way serial communications between radio remote unit and reciever (extension of previous project)


Self Defenses Inc:

Microcontroller based pressure sensing and logging. LED display

Product to be released mid 2006




Solid state ruggedized digital audio device featuring:

PIC 18LF8490 based design

MP3 (full format support), WAV, and proprietary format playback modes

Internal type-AB power amplifier, high fidelity sound

Medium range addressable radio control (1 mile line-of-sight)

Compact Flash support with FAT32 and fragmented cluster chain support

LCD waveforms and voltages generated on-chip

480Mbps USB2.0 link for sound file transfer


Andris Kasparovics:

Radio control interface for ColorKinetics led controller for club/theatrical use

Interfaces directly with standard PS/2 type keyboards

Short range addressable radio (70 meters line of sight)

One transmit unit can control multiple receive units

Error corrected signal




Reverse engineered toothbrush electronics (speed and amplitude adjustments)




Bez Arkush:


Paper page sensor and computerized educational games

Solid state sound and user feedback

Uses PIC microcontroller and various optical and mechanical sensors

Iin conjunction with Elseware



Simple bike computer:

Hall effect sensor, PIC microcontroller, simple serial LCD display


Wildlife Technologies:

Animal Caller, upgrade:

Solid state ruggedized digital proprietary audio

Internal type-F amplifier and loudspeaker

Very high fidelity sound: 110dB signal/noise ratio

Medium range addressable radio control (1 mile line-of-sight)

    Based on PIC 16F877 and Compact Flash



Robots spotted at art and music shows throughout New York City!

“Fascinating!” “Disturbing!” “Cuddley-wuddley!”

Now with charge transfer sensors (QProx) and three-axis accelerometers





Andris Kasparovics and Louis Fox:

Laser Glove:

Form fitting glove with 5mW 630nm lasers on each fingertip.

Battery operated.

Each glove equipped with an addressable radio receiver (six gloves made)

Master control unit controls each laser individually, synchronized to 1/100 second

Master control unit features several preprogrammed “shows”

Gloves can be set to local or remote control

local control also has embedded computer controlled “shows”


Wildlife Technologies:

Animal Caller:

Solid state ruggedized digital proprietary audio

Internal type-F amplifier and loudspeaker

Very high fidelity sound: 110dB signal/noise ratio

Medium range addressable radio control (1 mile line-of-sight)

    Multi Media Card support

    Based on AVR AtMega8


Gerd Stern:

Poem Box:

Metal box with LCD display on front panel

Displays poetic text from internal flash memory


Zubin Levy:

RGB LED accent light boxes

embedded microcontroller with six user selectable modes

24 or 48 bit color resolution

battery or AC powered

MOSFET switching for three one-watt LEDs (very bright)





MP3 Player (ongoing project):

Creative Commons source code (attribution, non-commercial)

Full MP3 formal support, including VBR

Compact Flash FAT16, fragmented cluster support

Long battery life, pocket size

See www.walrus.com/~raphael for more information





simple heliostat:

self aligning analog feedback loop based design

very easy to install with only a bubble level and a crude compass

can be solar powered (surprise!)

minimal moving parts



RGB LED systems:

Small enough to be worn as a ring, with 10 hour battery

Smooth 24 bit color transitions.

Same basic design used for the Zubin Levy project above





first attempts at microcontroller and electronic engineering

made some fun robots in the name of art!

One of them is a dancing rubber duck.



Art and Design



1997-1998School of Visual Arts, New York, NY:

computer and traditional design, drawing, painting and sculpting




freerange graphics

Flash design and illustration for The Meatrix: 360.  http://www.themeatrix.com/interactive/

Promotional animation for the National Ecological Observation Network, sponsored by the National Science Fund

Visualization animation for NanoInk Inc. depicting the process of Dip-Pen Nanolithography

Flash redesign of the www.freerangegraphics.com website




Altria Inc.

3d modeling, architectural renderings and animation



2002 : 


Flash scripting for Little Journeys interactive learning system CD-Rom and website

flash scripting for BNMG, Bezos Nathanson Marketing Group




Big Spaceship  

flash animation for www.bridgetjonesdiary-themovie.com 




Design One Inc.

3d animated lighting simulation for the Harley Davidson cafe, Las Vegas




thoughtbubble productions Inc.

flash animation, design and site structure for www.frequencymovie.com

flash animation for www.redplanetmovie.com



 various assignments:

Organic: design, flash animation for sting.compaq.com and boo.com

Thunderhouse (now Zentropy Partners): flash animation for cherrycoke.com

Zuma Digital: design, DVD overlays

Infographics: two medium length animated videos - ten minutes long and thirty minutes long, depicting the process of angioplastic heart surgery

Ira Levy Light Studio: lighting design

Mediaworks: design

Sonicnet: design, flash animation, streamland.com (Silver award, ID magazine)

Sonicnet: music video for “Going to Hell ” by The Brian Jonestown Massacre



zoecom Inc.

Lightwave 3D, flash, video editing, illustration and animation for : Compaq, AltaVista, nikitaylor.net, Flatiron Magazine and delphibureau.com




Animation, design, CAD, illustration, and photographic retouching for clients such as Video Impact Productions and JC Productions (NASA)